Events13 October 2014

October & November 2014

In addition to its permanent collections and exhibitions, the Imperial War Museum is an important centre for ongoing scholarship. It has a vast archive of military documents, photographs, and propaganda material. Along with other similar institutions in London, it also hosts seminars, public lectures, and debates on subjects relating to Britain’s role in world conflicts. Here are a few of the events taking place in London over the next few months.

2pm, 12–19 October 2014

Lecture: Black Poppies: Britain's Black Community and the First World War

Historian Stephen Bourne presents an illustrated talk about his latest book, Black Poppies, as he discusses Britain’s black community during the First World War.

12:30pm, 30 October 2014

Lecture: "No Doubt they'll soon get well": Social Class and Shell Shock in the Great War

Army & Navy Club, London, 36–39 Pall Mall (Hosted by the National Army Museum)

Dr Peter Johnston examines the phenomenon of “Shell Shock” (known today as PTSD) and the ways in which the British Army attempted to deal with the massive number of cases created by the static and claustrophobic nature of fighting on the Western Front.

7pm, 19 November 2014

Debate: Why soldiers fight: from the First World War to Afghanistan

Join Nick Childs, World Affairs Correspondent for BBC News, as he chairs a discussion between IWM Curator Laura Clouting, Professor Anthony King and serving soldier Lieutenant Colonel Alex Turner to explore ‘why soldiers fight.’

Ends 8 March 2015

Exhibition: Truth and Memory: British Art of the First World War

The largest exhibition of British First World War art for almost 100 years, this major retrospective reveals how artists helped commemorate the First World War and shape a memory of the conflict that endures to this day.

23 October 2014 – 6 September 2015

Exhibition: War Story: Afghanistan 2014

Through the little known personal stories of those on the ground in Afghanistan, War Story: Afghanistan 2014 provides a snapshot of this pivotal point in the country’s history. The voices and experiences of British troops, members of the Afghan National Security Forces and UK government and NGO workers give visitors an insight into this transition period.

21 August, 2014 – 11 November, 2018

Exhibition: In Their Own Words

Firepower: The Royal Artillery Museum

World War I saw the deployment of massed heavy artillery on an unprecedented scale, leading to a massive expansion of the artillery arms of the armies involved. This exhibition uses extracts from the dairies, letters home, and personal photographs of artillerymen from all sides of the fighting in World War I.