Third Reich Day by Day: August 1933

The Nazis gained power via the ballot box, and some political dealings. But once in power Hitler quickly consolidated his control over the German state. New laws were introduced giving him dictatorial power, their passage made easier by the Reichstag fire in February. From then on, Nazi Germany became a centrally controlled totalitarian regime.


Nazi Party, Internal Politics

Young Germans take part in Goebbels’ burning of literature considered by the Nazis to be
Young Germans take part in Goebbels’ burning of literature considered by the Nazis to be "un-German".

Röhm had always regarded the SA as his personal revolutionary army, but the power of the SA, conjoined with the ambitions of its leaders, were to consume it. Röhm’s quest for personal power was not to Hitler’s liking, and his concern over Röhm was fuelled by the whisperings of Göring and Himmler. Himmler’s objective was to eliminate the power of the SA, which had grown to be the largest of the Nazi formations, gathering considerable strength in the process. Hitler was looking to the future and decided to cast his lot with the generals of the army. Röhm had been aware of what was happening when he declared: “Anyone who thinks that the days of the SA are over must make up his mind that we are here and that we will remain.”

31 August-3 September

Nazi Party, Rallies

A rally is held at Nuremberg which is called the Parteitag des Siegers or Victor’s Party Rally. It marks the Nazi accession to power on January 31, 1933. At this rally Hitler formally recognizes the Adolf Hitler SS Standart and the dedication of the SS Standarten or regiments takes place. The Adolf Hitler SS Standart has been formed from SS-Sonderkommando Zossen and SS-Sonderkommando Jüterbog. A total of 785 men from these two units are present and on the last day a salutary round is fired by a Reichswehr battery. Grüppenführer “Sepp” Dietrich receives the banner with the name Adolf Hitler on the box that surmounts it. The two Sonderkommandos have been granted the honour and right to wear the name Adolf Hitler on a cuff band on the left arm. The merged formation will later be renamed the Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler or LSSAH.