Third Reich Day by Day: September 1933

The Nazis gained power via the ballot box, and some political dealings. But once in power Hitler quickly consolidated his control over the German state. New laws were introduced giving him dictatorial power, their passage made easier by the Reichstag fire in February. From then on, Nazi Germany became a centrally controlled totalitarian regime.


Germany, Relief Agencies

First Winterhilfe Campaign; the Help for the Winter campaign. It is an enormous charity for the better-off to help their poorer national and racial comrades. Collections are made by SA men on the streets, and though most people give voluntarily and a great deal of work is carried out, the threat of violence is used to back up donations.

13 September

Germany, Legal

aw on Reich Food Costs. The Reich Food Estate will guarantee profitable prices for German farmers in an effort to make Germany self-sufficient in agricultural production.

22 September

Germany, Culture

The tightening of control on the arts begins with a law that establishes a National Chamber of Culture, or Reichskulturkammer, which is a nationwide organization embracing all those whose professional remuneration comes from art, music, the theatre, press, radio, literature or the cinema. Its purpose is to act as a coordinating point for the various cultural and culturally related arts, with the ultimate control of the chamber vesting in the minister of propaganda, Dr Joseph Goebbels. The chamber consists of seven sub-elements: architecture and sculpting arts, music, theatre, literature, press, film and radio, with a president at the head of each element. Each chamber president has the power to regulate his respective field. Membership is compulsory for any person engaged in these fields.