Third Reich Day by Day: November 1937

Germany and Italy had not always been close allies; indeed, during the early 1930s Mussolini had moved troops up to the Austrian border to deter Hitler from influencing events in Austria. However, Hitler had supported Mussolini’s war in Ethiopia and both dictators found themselves supporting the anti-communist cause in Spain. It was, therefore, perhaps logistical that they should ultimately become allies. That process was cemented by the Duce’s historic trip to Germany in 1937, when the Nazis pulled out all the stops to win over Italy’s leader.

1 November

Germany, Legal

The Enabling Law is renewed, ensuring Germany remains a National Socialist dictatorship. Confiscation of Jewish businesses without legal justification continues.

1 November

Armed Forces, Air Force

Generalleutnant Hellmuth Volkmann is appointed commander of the Condor Legion. He will hold the command from November 1, 1937 until November 1, 1938. Volkmann won promotion to General der Fliege and on his return to Germany was appointed Commandant of the Luftkriegsakademie in Berlin.