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Kursk: History’s Greatest Tank Battle

Kursk: History’s Greatest Tank Battle

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The greatest tank battle in history began during the early hours of 5 July 1943, and its outcome was to determine the course of the war on the Eastern Front. Kursk is a detailed account of this pivotal battle, when the Germans threw 900,000 men and 2500 tanks against 1,300,000 soldiers and 3000 tanks of the Red Army in a savage battle of attrition. Unlike many accounts of the war on the Eastern Front, Kursk draws upon both German and Russian archive material. With an authoritative text and detailed maps, this book is an enthralling account of one of the most decisive battles in history.

Nik Cornish is a founder member of the Eastern Front Assocition. He visits Russia and the Ukraine on a regular basis as an historian and researcher, specialising in military aspects of both world wars on the Eastern Front. He currently lives and works in the south of England.