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Rommel: Master of Blitzkrieg

Rommel: Master of Blitzkrieg

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Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox” of World War II, was a brilliant tactician and an inspiring leader of men whose views on how to conduct military operations were perfectly attuned to the German Blitzkrieg style of warfare, with its emphasis on the use of massed armor and fast-paced, deep penetrations.

This book is a detailed examination of why Rommel and his panzers were so successful. It includes an analysis of the composition, tactics, doctrine, personnel and hardware of the panzer divisions, and why they were so effective in the hands of excellent tacticians such as Rommel. The book also analyzes why the armored formations of Germany’s adversaries, which were often more numerous and powerful, were at a disadvantage by comparison.

Following his career from the battlefields of World War I to his death on Hitler's orders in the autumn of 1944, this book provides an intriguing insight into the leadership style of a master of armored warfare. The text is illustrated with black and white photographs and full-colour maps that help the reader to understand the sequence of events during particular engagements.