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The Defence of St Lô

The Defence of St Lô

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This title examines the hard fought battle for the Normandy village of St Lo in the weeks following D-Day. A handful of understrength German units, including the élite Panzer Lehr Division, managed to hold back the men of the United States XIX Corps for almost two weeks, buying crucial time for German forces to regroup. It is part of the Rapid Reads series.


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My late grandfather served in the 175th Infantry during the Normandy campaign, so I've always been curious to know more about the battles he was involved in. I'm not really a military history person though, so I've never done much reading on the subject. The books are either too general to be of much use, or too detailed to be understandable to a layman. This little book (and it is little, I read it in an afternoon) told me what I needed to know. The only complaint I've got is that it was a little more interested in the German defence than the American attack, though given the title and the name of this website that should hardly come as a surprise!