Third Reich Day by Day: February 1935

This year was a pivotal period for the Third Reich’s relations with the rest of the world. Adolf Hitler announced he was reintroducing universal conscription, which was a repudiation of the hated Treaty of Versailles, and was warmly welcomed at home. In addition, as German troops marched into the Saar, he was determined to reintegrate those ethnic Germans who were living outside Germany back into the Reich. On the domestic front, more laws were introduced against Jews, who were becoming second-class citizens in their own country.

26 February

Armed Forces, Air Force

As the NSDAP begins to feel its political might, Hitler becomes more confident and announces the official formation of the new Luftwaffe (German Air Force). All the secrecy that has surrounded it is blown away, as if as a prelude to events that were to come, by the winds of war. The DLV is disbanded and all its former members are encouraged to join the new Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK) that has been introduced in its place. In this manner the party brings together under its control all of the country’s flying clubs into one organization, which in fact is paramilitary. The NSFK can thus operate with the fledgling Luftwaffe and both can grow and gather strength together.