MP 41

MP 41
MP 41

Given the fact that far-sighted submachine guns such as the MP 38 and MP 40, with their all-metal construction and features to facilitate mass production, had clearly indicated the most practical line of development for such weapons under wartime conditions, the Maschinenpistole 41 could be seen only as something of an anachronism demanding somewhat greater manufacturing resources for a weapon that offered little operational advantage, something that Germany really could not afford given the industrial power of the enemies ranged against her.

The weapon was manufactured by Haenel on the basis of a development, by Hugo Schmeisser, of the MP 40. The MP 41 retained the barrel, bolt and operating mechanism of the MP 40 in combination with wooden furniture (including a full stock) derived conceptually from that of MP 28/II.

Neither the German armed forces not the police ordered the weapon, so it is uncertain why the type in fact entered production. As it was, only very small numbers of this weapon were completed, possibly for delivery to the forces of a country allied to Germany. Whatever the reason, the MP 41 submachine gun seems to have been a complete waste of time, manpower and precious German resources.


submachine gun
9mm (0.354in) Parabellum
0.865m (34in)
Length of Barrel
0.25m (9.9in)
3.7kg (8.15lb)
Muzzle Velocity
380m (1247ft) per second
32-round detachable magazine (500rpm)